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Karate For Kids
High level activity is
great for children
Greatly assists in their growth and development
for Kids
Every Path has a beginning,
Start theirs here
Classes specifically aimed at children and adolescents
Martial Arts
for Adults and Teens
Strength and motivation
to make tough life choices
Learn real life practical applications as well as a system to de-stress from life
Master threat neutralization,
prevent danger
Stay in shape, increase focus and speed, and learn to defend yourself
Highly recommended!
Testimonial 9 75x75 Home

What an incredible program for kids. My twin 5 year old daughters are in their Tiny Tigers program. As a teacher I appreciate the routine, the standards and gentle guidance and sincere encouragement the staff provides with a focus on respect, safe...

Karen Moise Booker
A wonderful experience!
Testimonial 13 75x75 Home

We just celebrated my son's 5th birthday with Mr. Herrera at ATA! Amazing! The kids had a blast, learned a lot, and Mr. Herrera was so patient and warm.

Claudia Levin Thompson
Best thing I could do for my son!
Testimonial 12 75x75 Home

Mr. H creates a positive attitude for all. It's an investment for a child's future and worth every penny!

Tony DiFiore
A Life Changing Decision
Testimonial 10 75x75 Home

Huge thanks to the challenging staff of Glenview ATA Black Belt Academy, with their help, I no longer get bullied and tormented at school anymore. Now I have more control over the world around me, it was a life changing decision f...

Tucker G.

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Karate For Kids Black Belt2 Home

Message from school owner

Hello and Welcome to Glenview ATA Black Belt Academy. We have been teaching Martial Arts to students of all ages in the Glenview area since 2007. We proudly teach our students not just excellent martial arts but the Leadership skills needed to be tomorrow’s Leaders! Our team is standing by to schedule a visit to our facility for you and your family! See you soon!

Excellent Instructors!

Our Instructors are all Certified to teach Martial Arts safely. We teach with energy and are all active practitioners. All have over 10 years experience working with students of all ages.

Awesome Training Facility!

Glenview ATA Black Belt Academy is unique and offers the perfect blend between traditional and modern martial arts. The training curriculum focus on three specific age groups; 1. Pre-school Karate Kids, 2. Karate Kids, and 3. Teens & Adults. Glenview ATA offers a variety of specific programs for all fitness levels. Fill out a form today or give us a call Today!

Self Defense for Kids

Learning the art of self-defense is important for every individual, especially kids who may become easy targets to violence or bullying. Your child need not be an expert in self-defense techniques, but making him/her learn at least the basics will keep him/her safe and give you peace of mind. Martial arts for kids are an […]

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Come visit  Glenview ATA Martial Art’s booth at this years Glenview Summerfest. We have board Break challenges, Prizes, a demonstration of skill and an opportunity to save up to $175 by signing up for classes.

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Leadership Skills

Martial arts training for women can deliver great leadership skills. It teaches all that an ideal leader should have: discipline, courtesy, respect, and honor. The setting of goals is important in both. The best part about leadership skills that it is possible to acquire them even if you are not born with them. Martial arts […]

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Train and learn from each other while bonding and building memories this Father’s day! All month of June fathers train for FREE! So dads get fit and learn how to reduce stress and enjoy time with your child. Call today!

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Welcome to Glenview ATA Black Belt Academy

(847) 243-6355

Thank you for visiting our martial arts website home page. We have included a short video for you to view. Our academy has several unique offers to Get You Started! Please complete any form on our site and our staff will get in touch with you with more information on the features and benefits of our programs and how we can Get You Started.

Benefits of Martial Arts Training

Benefits of Martial Arts Training

Glenview ATA Black Belt Academy

Glenview, Illinois

Developing Self-Esteem at Glenview ATA Black Belt Academy in Glenview, Illinois – With confidence comes enhanced self-esteem. We utilize a series of multiple goals that boost self-esteem levels. This builds greater self-respect and self-esteem in our martial arts students. Please note: Our martial arts instructors turn most quiet, shy and doubtful beginners into strong outgoing leaders that become powerful practitioners.

Learning Self-Discipline at Glenview ATA Black Belt Academy in Glenview, Illinois – The foundation of martial arts is the focus of self-discipline incorporated into a students training. Instant gratification, the I want it now, and lessons in self-restraint and discipline are learned traits for both children and adults. To succeed in life…this is one of many goals we have for our students. Our Instructors are here to serve.

Making Habits of Physical Fitness – Tired of the boring mundane and repetitive workouts? Glenview ATA Black Belt Academy in Glenview, Illinois is more than a lifestyle change when it comes to fitness. It is a synergized martial arts training program that our students enhance their level of fitness. Our training facility incorporates fun and exciting training concepts that are unique to Glenview. Get fit by taking the right steps to creating good habits.

Developing a Sense of Respect – As a student of Glenview ATA Black Belt Academy in Glenview, Illinois our students learn to show attention and respect to themselves and others. In this modern and fast paced world too often we see the lack of self-respect for oneself or others. We are proud of our Martial Arts students and the respect shown within the community. Through quality training our students carry on a high level of respect.